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Information for members is provided in this section

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Trustee documents

These include documents for our Annual General Meeting, a copy of our Constitution, Report and Accounts (when posted) and notices.  To access these documents registration on this site is required.  Please select "Register" below, and complete the form provided.


Our constitution contains All Saints Friends Group objectives and operational procedures. If you are interested in becoming a trustee you can find some more guidance below, before venturing into this complex document.

Churchyard Conservation Management Team

The  Churchyard Conservation Group started in March 2021 as a development of ASK Friends, with approval from the PCC at their meeting 23rd March 2021.

 Kenton Churchyard Conservation Management May 2021

Management Team:

John Perkins, Cliff Tubb, Ann Roberts and Liz Hicks

This churchyard is now being managed according to the guidelines set out by “Caring for God’s Own Acre”.

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